Hotel Turned Local Veterans' Shelter Continues

By Shannon Lilly Saturday, May 21st 2016

Hotel Turned Local Veterans' Shelter Continues

MACON, Ga. -- An ongoing project to turn a hotel into a shelter for local veterans continued Saturday at the Villager Lodge Hotel.

Volunteers from a group called the American Riders of Georgia, a veteran's service organization, came out in honor of Memorial Day to create 30 ready-to-move-into units--completing phase one of the project.

Major George Brown, a United States Marine Corps retire, started the project, and spoke about what drove him to do it.

"If I don't start crying than you'll know that it's very personal for me. Because I had a friend who shot himself--suffered from PTSD," Brown said. "And to see this come together and to see these veterans come to help veterans meant a whole lot."

Brown also said that in order to finish the project, he will need financial help from other corporations.

Granger Corporation of Macon contributed a grant of $5,000 to help cover expenses.


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