My involvement with the problem within the American Veterans community began one evening in February 2015 as I was sitting at my computer and received a cell phone call from a number that I had programed in the phone. It was a call from the only daughter of my friend for more than 40 years, Tammarrian Rogers. She was crying hysterically but was able to say “my father just shot himself”. As I drove from my home in Macon, Georgia to Starkville, Mississippi for the funeral, I kept asking myself many questions, the most potent of which was; why? After the funeral, I started to do research to get an answer and landed in the middle of the “Veterans Problem” in America; emotional problems, psychological problems and homelessness problems. My business association with Vankat Sanjeev and John Davis evolved into the development of HomePortMaconGA, Inc. and the rest of the story.

From the heart

A Personal Story


George Brown, Major USMC (Ret)


HomePortMaconGA, Inc

Major George Brown, President of American Aviation Group, Inc., and Program Director is a retired veteran with 27 years military aviation experience with the United States Marine Corps. He will have overall responsibility for the daily operation of the Home for Veterans and Veterans with Families program.  In addition, Mr. Brown has an extensive background in construction. As the former Director of the Macon Regional Airport, he was responsible for the overseeing for expansion of the airport.

Venkat Sanjeev is President/Founder of Goldstone Hospitality, Inc., American Aviation Group Inc.’s hotel and motel division. Mr. Sanjeev has 17 years of business experience as owner and operator of Goldstone, General Contractors Inc. Mr. Sanjeev is a general contractor licensed by the State of Georgia with a specialty in construction renovations. Goldstone Hospitality owns the property referenced in this application and has been a principal investor in renovating the first 20 apartment units in Phase I of the Home for Veterans and Veterans with Families program.

Reverend James Mann, Clinical Director will serve as one of the Case Managers in the Home for Veterans and Veterans with Families program. Rev. Mann, also a retired veteran, served four years in the United States Army from 1960 to 1964. He retired from the United States Postal Service and is currently employed at the Medical Center of Georgia hospital emergency room to evaluate emotionally stressed patients.

P. Washington/Case Manager will conduct intake procedures to ensure referred program participants are eligible. She will also provide an orientation for program participants to inform veterans and families members about the program’s rules and regulations. In coordination with HomeFirst personnel, an assessment of the benefits for which the participant is eligible will be compiled, as well as an action plan for each veteran. She will also work with the AAG Transportation Director to ensure that transportation is available when needed for employment or health-related appointments.

The AAG Case Managers will also coordinate with HomeFirst personnel as program participants move toward employment and explore permanent housing options.

John H. Davis, Transportation Coordinator is also a retired veteran who served for six years in the Marine Corps from 1961 to 1966. For the past nine years, he has been the owner of Care Carriage, a non-emergency transportation service that provided transportation for private and Medicare patients. He is currently employed as a Transportation Officer for the Coliseum Hospital outpatient Rehabilitation Center. As the program’s Transportation Coordinator, Mr. Davis will transport program participants to employment interviews and medical-related appointments.