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Wish Lists

We currently have approximately 50 veterans in residence.  Each veteran pays rent. We receive no government or VA assistance so everything else is covered by donations.  These come in many forms.  Monetary donations help with things such as buying supplies to repair and maintain the rooms and paying the electric and water bills. 


Food donations include items for the food pantry and meals provided by local churches as well as individuals.  Businesses have donated backpacks, all-natural laundry detergent and locks for the doors.  Individuals drop off clothes, pictures, dishes and other miscellaneous items. 


Any items that can’t be used by the veterans are made available at a yard sale with all donations going to Home Port.  Items are also given to other charitable organizations so that others can benefit from the public’s generosity.

While all donations are appreciated, we do have a wish list of items we currently need. This list is updated as our inventory changes.  Click here for the wish list.


Donations can be sent to our address at 5009 Harrison Road, Macon, GA 31206.  We can also pick up items from Sam’s Club on Log Cabin Road and Wal-Mart on Harrison Road or Zebulon Road.  Use Georgia Stuckey as the pick-up person.

Our building is in need of major repairs.  Click here for our most recent Capital Needs Campaign list. For more information or to donate for a capital need, please contact us at (478) 361-4861.

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