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Counseling and Training Center

Too many times, the men and women who served our country return home with 'wounds', both physical and mental. This makes transitioning to civilian life difficult and sometimes results in homelessness. Other contributing factors include an inability to find a job, a lack of a support network and living in overcrowded or substandard housing. Post-traumatic stress and other mental and emotional post-combat conditions can also play a part in veteran homelessness.


The Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness indicates that the inability to cope with these conditions, coupled with the difficulties in reintegrating into the community often lead to a downward spiral, as evidenced in the rising suicide rate among veterans.

To help with these issues, we want to provide a counseling and training center for the veterans.  To bring this to fruition, we have a link on the wish list page that shows the items needed for the center.


Once renovations have been completed, the center will have two classrooms and seven offices.  The classrooms will be equipped with computers and educational software and training modules. This will help veterans update their skills, search and apply for jobs, and research local employers. They will also receive help creating resumes, applying for educational programs and scholarships, and obtaining information on financial aid opportunities.


Service providers such as the Veterans Education Career Transition Resource Center (VECTR) have expressed an interest in coming on-site to talk about opportunities and provide classes. VECTR offers accelerated training programs, and helps veterans translate military and civilian transcripts into potential credits toward certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

Veterans will also have the opportunity to work with case managers to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy involved in applying for benefits and services they have earned. This includes health care, job training and employment opportunities that are available through the VA Employment Programs for Homeless Veterans.

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